The Real Reason the "F Batman" Line was Added to the 'Titans' Trailer

Estranged Robin Dick Grayson dropped the "F— Batman" line in the Titans trailer to effectively declare the DC Universe series is about the young group of superheroes and not the caped crusader, says star Brenton Thwaites.

"It's a show that isn't about Batman, and I think it's important for people to know that and maybe not be disappointed that they're not going to see Batman jumping from the ceiling and beating up a hundred guys, because it's not Batman, it's a story about the Titans, essentially. I feel like 'F— Batman' says that in two words," Thwaites told EW.

The oft-talked about scene sees the former Batman protégé drop the line just before performing a brutal and bloody takedown of a pack of thugs, and was "thrown in" during reshoots to give the scene more of a punch — no pun intended, Thwaites said.

"We'd already shot that alley fight scene before, and there was no punch to it," he explained. "There was no real exclamation mark. I think the producers wanted something that would kind of set the tone for the whole show."

While Titans sees the future Nightwing break off out on his own and forge a fresh super-group with new partners Starfire (Anna Diop), Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), and Raven (Teagan Croft), "the whole point of [the show] is to tell the story of Robin breaking away from Batman and a life of fighting crime that he didn't exactly agree with, and beginning the search for his own identity and his own moral center," Thwaites said.

"It's definitely a Dick Grayson that's more violent than people are used to," added executive producer Geoff Johns. "It's definitely a Dick Grayson that is struggling more than I think people are used to."

Now that he's away from grim loner Batman, he'll open himself up to his new allies — namely Raven, a.k.a. Rachel — and by doing so, "he's really gonna be able to start acknowledging [what his life with Batman did to him]," Johns said.


Grayson will clash with new Robin Jason Todd (Curran Walters), who presents himself as a cocky and swagger-filled crime-fighter in the first Titans clip released in celebration of Batman Day.

Titans premieres October 12 exclusively on DC Universe, with subsequent new episodes arriving weekly on Fridays.