Ash Does the Impossible in Pokemon Anime

Ash effortlessly completed one of Pokemon's most Sysiphean tasks in the latest episode of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon.

In the episode that aired earlier this week in Japan, Ash found a wild Cosmog in the woods and adopted it as unofficial Pokemon. While showing off his discovery at the Pokemon school he's currently attending, his classmate Lillie named it Nebby, since its shape and color reminder her of a nebula in space.

Players of the Pokemon Sun and Moon games are probably familiar with both Lillie and Nebby as they were at the center of the game's plot. Lillie was Nebby's protector in the games and went great lengths to keep Nebby hidden from strangers. Lillie often implored Nebby to "Get in the bag!" while shoving Nebby into the Pokemon knapsack she carried on her shoulder. Nebby always managed to escape, which led to countless searches and other problems for Lillie and her friends

"Get in the bag, Nebby!" quickly became popular among Pokemon fans and spawned countless memes, including this classic below:

However, while Lillie had well documented issues getting Nebby in the bag, it appears that Ash didn't have the same issues. When Ash first brings Nebby to his school, he stuffs the Pokemon into his backpack, right alongside the sleeping Rowlet, who considers the bag to be a home of sorts. You can check out Nebby in the bag below:

Maybe this means that Ash really is a Pokemon master, or at least a master of stuffing baby proto-Legendary Pokemon into bags.

It appears that Nebby will be hanging out with Ash for the foreseeable future, similar to how Zygarde remained close to Ash for much of Pokemon the Series: XY & Z. Whether Nebby actually becomes one of Ash's official Pokemon (which would mean that Ash actually catches a Legendary Pokemon) remains to be seen. We'll have to see how Ash and Nebby's intra-bag relationship continues to evolve in the coming weeks.