Dragon Ball FighterZ Confirms Two More Classic Villains

Captain Ginyu 2

Two fan-favorite villains have now been confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ with Nappa and Captain Ginyu both joining the roster soon.

The new characters were revealed through the latest issue of V-Jump (via Gematsu) where images of the characters alongside their fighter details were shown. While they certainly don’t carry the same power level that other infamous fighters such as Frieza and Cell, these Dragon Ball Z characters are certainly some of the most entertaining figures from early on in the anime series.

Despite their lower status compared to other characters, you won’t be able to fully count them out thanks to their signature abilities that they’ll have in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Vegeta’s bald lackey, Nappa, will be able to use his special Meteor attack, “Kappa!” He’ll also be able to call in some additional help by summoning Saibamen to assist in his fights.

But the captain of the Ginyu Force isn’t much of a captain without his flamboyant team present, so he’ll of course be able to summon their help as well. Captain Ginyu will have a special ability in Dragon Ball FighterZ that will allow him to call in the full power of the Ginyu Force, but exactly what that ability will look like remains to be seen. He’ll also be able to use one of the most innovative abilities seen during Dragon Ball Z, the Body Change move. By using this, he’ll be able to swap characters and HP with his opponent, a move that could quickly reverse the course of the battle if used at the right time.

The latest V-Jump issue also revealed that players will be able to develop bonds with the characters that will allow for additional conversations that would otherwise be inaccessible. Examples of these conversations include Yamcha revealing that he hopes to get married sometime and Vegeta talking smack about Bulma’s personality, but there are likely many more details to be unearthed with the connections.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been confirmed for a release date of Feb. 1 in Japan, but North America doesn’t have a release date aside from early 2018.