League of Legends Player Power Levels Past 300 In Bot Destroying Glory


League of Legends players are having a field day now that Riot Games has tweaked their leveling system. One player powered through level 300 in full blazing glory by plowing through hordes of bots.

Nolife Raphael (we will resist the urge to make the joke) reigns supreme at the top of the Summoner leader boards at level 301. You can see their impressive player summary here, but the primary push behind this crowning achievement is simply going after in-game bots. By going up against AI bots in the Twisted Treeline map, Nolife took to the 3v3 play style with 2 other human players against the AI bots to take the match.

It's also important to note that this player did utilise two experience boosts bought with IRL cash from Riot, while also playing incredibly fast matches back to back. By doing this, an impressive ratio of won matches, this player's means of leveling seems incredibly efficient for those looking to do the same.

recent match history
(Photo: Recent match history )

Ryan "Riot Cactopus" from Riot Games even responded to the impressive feat by adding that he emailed the player to let them know of incoming rewards and the timeline they could be expected. Apparently, the player leveled even faster than the developers though possible - which honestly, just makes this report even better. One Reddit commenter even joked, "Well time to get him his achievement at level 1000 you guys gonna rename the milestone to "Raphaels sacrilege" and give out a emote with his face that says "Gotta level fast"."

By completing the average 8 min 3v3 games for over 12 hours a day, it's safe to say that 'Nolife Raphael' has earned this victory, and we can't wait to see what else this player has in store with their favourite champions. Now ... who is ready to challenge them?