Sega’s Make War, Not Love Promotion Returns, Offers Two Free Classic Games For Signing Up

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner (well, tomorrow), people are already making their plans to celebrate with their loved ones – or drowning their sorrows in a plate of chicken wings for being on their own. Fret not, for the team at Sega clearly loves you.

The studio has announced the return of its Make War, Not Love promotion, in which it gives out a number of goodies and celebrates a variety of its classics with its studios, all in the name of spreading the love and joy around.

“It's that time of year again, where we shun romantic notions, get stuck into our favorite strategy game, and conquer as much as possible to win loads of free stuff,” the company noted.

The promotion is already underway, running through February 18, and during that time, those who sign up will be eligible for a number of freebies. In fact, by going over to the main page and signing up, fans will automatically receive two classic Sega titles to be redeemed on Steam – the beat-em-up favorite Streets of Rage, and the return of the legendary The Revenge of Shinobi!

You can watch the trailer above to get an idea of what the event is all about, but over the course of the week, Sega will have special presentations with each of its developers, including Creative Assembly, Amplitude Studios and Relic Entertainment. Respectively, their games, Total War: Warhammer II, Endless Space 2 and Company of Heroes 2, will be discounted on Steam all week long.

The event will also bring together communities in the hopes of winning daily prizes, including free DLC or goodies, as well as a free Steam game every single day. The publisher will also host live community streams each day of the event, with studio teams and guest streamers giving away even more exclusive content to everyone. A full breakdown of the schedule can be found on Sega’s official Twitch channel, with the first stream set to kick off on February 14 – Valentine’s Day.

So if you’re alone or with someone you love, feel free to jump in and take part. After all, you just can’t beat free games.