Monster Hunter World Gets the Hilarious Treatment With Honest Game Trailers

Tuesday has come around once again, which means that the team at Smosh Games has a new Honest Game Trailer for us to enjoy. And this week is a doozy as the team is covering the massive Capcom hit Monster Hunter World, which you can see above.

The narrator kicks it off with, “From the people that brought you evil houses, streets that fight, and crying devils, comes a series about Japanese Jurassic Park that newcomers will deal with the only way they know how – comparing it to Dark Souls.” (You Internet folks know it’s true.)

From there, he begins to dig into the gameplay, explaining, “Embark on a voyage to a newly discovered content, and experience the thrill of colonization for yourself, as you literally carve a place out for yourself in this brand new world, by exploring its jungles, deserts and weird coral forests, tracking down the biggest thing that lives there, and beating the shit out of it in the name of research. Then, making a giant hammer out of its head and killing its entire extended family with it.

“The circle of life really is beautiful.”

He then talks about how Capcom brought the series out of “handheld purgatory”, giving players the chance of “hunt monsters like a real person with an actual controller”, then adds “layers of unnecessary bullshit” resulting in having a Wiki open next to you.

“Congratulations, Capcom, your game is now slightly less complicated than learning a foreign language.”

You’ll then see many elements of the game, like playing “prehistoric dress-up” and chowing down “on an insane amount of food for a single human”, but also talks about its benefits, like maps with no loading, a tracking system that “isn’t a massive pain in the ass”, multiple camps, being able to use a grappling hook like “stone age Spider-Man,” and intense battles – “as long as you don’t mind the rest of the game, which basically feels like doing your taxes.”

Oh, and there’s the nice dig at the end, where you can shoot up a flare and have three more experienced fighters take down a monster in two minutes.


Check out the video above and enjoy!

Monster Hunter World is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.