Pokemon Go Brings in Squirtle Squad for Community Day

Pokemon Go's next Community Day will have a special appearance by the Squirtle Squad, a popular group of Pokemon from the Pokemon anime series.

Pokemon Go confirmed that players would be able to catch a "special" Squirtle with sunglasses during Community Day earlier today. Players will need to complete specific Field Research tasks during this weekend's event for the possibility of unlocking a catch encounter with the sunglasses-wearing Pokemon.

Players will recognize the sunglasses reference from the early days of the Pokemon anime. Ash's Squirtle was originally the leader of the Squirtle Squad, a gang of hooligan Squirtle known for playing pranks and wearing sunglasses. Ash's selfless actions convinced the Squirtle Squad to reform and they became the firefighters for their local community day. Ash's Squirtle eventually left Ash's team to re-join the Squirtle Squad, although it has made appearances to help Ash in certain key battles.

This marks the first time that Pokemon Go has added a costumed Pokemon that wasn't a member of the Pikachu family. Not only does this open the door for more costumed Pokemon in the future, it also means that this weekend's Community Day could be the biggest one yet.

Pokemon Go teased that they would add the Squirtle Squad to the game earlier in the week, but the news largely went unnoticed as most players assumed that their social media accounts were joking.

Players who evolve a Wartortle into Blastoise during Community Day will also have it learn Hydro Cannon, a new and powerful Charge Move. However, we don't know what will happen if you evolve a Squirtle Squad member all the way into a Blastoise. Previous costumed Pokemon have retained their costumes when they evolve, but this is still bold new territory for the game.


Players will also get hatch eggs four times as quickly during the event and will have a chance of capturing a Shiny version of Squirtle. Who knows, you might even catch a Shiny Squirtle Squad member, which would be one of the most rare Pokemon in the game!

Are you excited to add the Squirtle Squad to your collection? Let us know in the comment section!