'League of Legends' Shares First Look at Ezreal's Rework

Riot Games shared a first look at League of Legends’ new version of Ezreal with a video showing off the champion’s updated abilities and visuals.

First shared by the French League of Legends Twitter account, the video above that soon followed showed a preview of Ezreal’s spells, skins, and ability effects. Keeping in line with what Riot Games has said it wasn’t to do with Ezreal’s rework, most of his abilities look like they maintain the functions they currently have, except for his “W” called Essence Flux. The ability’s name has stayed the same as shown later in the video when it showcases each one of the moves individually, but it certainly has a different effect.

From what can be discerned from the gameplay preview, it looks like Ezreal’s new Essence Flux shows a wide projectile that stops upon hitting a champion, though it’s unclear what its exact range is. As shown in the gameplay scenes at the beginning of the video, the new ability doesn’t appear to do damage – or if it does, it’s quite a small amount – but instead marks enemies with the ring being by transferring the ring to them. Ezreal’s other abilities appear to proc the new Essence Flux ring and deal massive damage seen in the training video and in the recorded gameplay when Ezreal hit a marked Jhin with his ultimate. The Essence Flux ability appears to go through minions as well, a move that’ll likely allow Ezreal to put more pressure on enemies while still in lane.

Each of Ezreal’s new skins were also shown off at the end of the video that culminated in a dramatic appearance of Pulsefire Ezreal, the skin that was previously updated and will be changed once again for Ezreal’s update.

With the sound on, viewers will also notice that his voice over is different with the champion having different lines heard throughout the preview. This along with the champion’s model and some of his animations were some of the areas that Riot Games said in August that it’d examine during Ezreal’s rework.


“Ezreal’s fantasy of a young, sharpshooting adventurer is pretty appealing, but once you get him in game, his model, animations, and VO don’t really live up to the promise,” Ryan “Riot Reav3” Mireles said. “We’ll be rebuilding Ezreal’s audio and visuals from the ground up to really deliver on that fantasy.

Ezreal’s full rework has not yet been detailed by Riot Games.