‘Hasbro Family Night’ Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Month

Considering that the Nintendo Switch seems like an ideal system for party games, we’re a little surprised that more haven’t been announced for it. But now Ubisoft has some fun coming your way, in the form of a Hasbro game compilation for the system.


The publisher has announced Hasbro Family Night, which is set to make its debut on the Switch starting on October 30. It comes with three games, all included in one convenient package.

First up is Monopoly For Nintendo Switch, which was previously released but is also available as part of this compilation. It’s an accurate recreation of the classic board game, built for multiplayer as you attempt to take over properties and make yourself a millionaire without ending up going to jail.

Two more games will be making their debut on the eShop on October 30, and will automatically be included in the Hasbro Game Night package.

The first is Risk: The Game of Global Domination, based on the board game of the same name. In it, you’ll guide armies to taking over your enemies, using a number of strategies to get the job done. This one’s sure to be a favorite, as we’ve seen it flourish on previously platforms.

The second is Trivial Pursuit Live!, a variation of the classic trivia game rebuilt like a quiz show. Up to four players can compete in answering questions, earning “pies” as they go and attempting to clear the board in the hopes of landing a first place victory. This game features over 1,800 up-to-date questions, including 650 kid-friendly ones, should you want the young ones to play.


The games are modified to work in both big-screen and handheld mode, so you can play any of Hasbro Family Night’s games wherever you please. Just make sure you bring a few friends with you so you can show them who’s boss, no matter which game you choose.

We don’t yet know how much Trivial Pursuit Live! and Risk will be selling for separately, but Monopoly goes for around $19.99, so that could be the ideal price point. We’ll let you know once Ubisoft finalizes those details.