Microsoft’s Super Bowl Ad About the Xbox One Adaptive Controller Will Hit You Right In the Feels

While Microsoft is making huge strides forward with its game line-up and Xbox Game Pass program, it’s also pushing accessible gaming for all with the introduction of its Adaptive Controller last year. And rather than going for something big and flashy with its Super Bowl ad this year, it’s decided to focus on those that will utilize this wonderful controller so that they can keep on gaming.

This marks the first time that Microsoft has done a Super Bowl ad in about four years, and while some may wonder why something like Crackdown 3 didn’t get focus, the adaptive controller commercial, which can be seen above, is excellent in its own right.

The two-minute ad takes a look at a number of gamers that are unable to play games with a regular controller, and find the Adaptive Controller to be more their speed, complete with two programmable buttons and 19 different jacks that can be utilized for various accessories, making gaming more accessible than ever before.

This is the latest in the company’s line of empowerment ads, following one that made its debut around the Christmas season, where a bunch of friends cheered on a gamer while he used an Adaptive Controller to achieve victory.

While the ad will certainly cost Microsoft a chunk of money, it’s a huge win for them. Not only does it get the word out about the Adaptive Controller in the most heartwarming way possible; but it’s also sure to get some huge social buzz during the big game. On top of that, Microsoft can certainly afford it, as it had its strongest quarter of gaming revenue from this past year. This, combined with forthcoming games like Crackdown 3 and others, should make Xbox a big hit for 2019.


But, again, let’s just talk about the wonderfulness of this ad, and how it helps gamers that can’t play the normal way to jump in and enjoy with everyone else. It just melts us every time. As Microsoft would say, “We All Win!”

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