'Fortnite' Driftboards Will Still Be in Season 8

Fortnite players who’ve enjoyed sliding around the map on Driftboards can look forward to more of those high-speed plays in Season 8 now that Epic Games has confirmed the vehicle won’t be removed in the next update.

Sharing a post on one of the game’s subreddits to give players the latest update on the Driftboard, Epic Games said the Driftboard will still be usable in the next season. Players have been sharing clips of high-flying stunts and tricks when using the Driftboard, and Epic Games said to keep those coming.

“Having fun catching air and nailing tricks with the Driftboard?” Epic Games asked in the post. “Good news, it'll still be available in the v8.00 update! Keep sharing your favorite clips with us.”

Though the Driftboard isn’t going away at the start of Season 8, it’s worth noticing that Epic Games didn’t say anything one way or another about future updates beyond the one that’ll kick off the next season. Since the post specifically said “in the v8.00 update,” that leaves the door open for the Driftboard to be vaulted or otherwise removed at some point in Season 8, though there’s always the chance that it could stay in the next season intact and untouched.


Depending on how long the Driftboards are in Season 8 and how long the events of that season unfold, players might even get to take the Driftboards into some uncharted territory, perhaps across lava if recent teasers and theories are to be believed. Epic Games has been steadily revealing new teasers for Season 8 with the latest teaser showing players that all the previous hints can be stitched together to form a larger image. Theories about volcanos and ice melting existed prior to the teasers but became even more popular in the past few days, and if Fortnite’s map is covered with different hazards and obstacles like water and lava from a volcano, the Driftboard might prove to be even more valuable than it is now.

Fortnite’s eight season is scheduled to begin on Thursday, but look for more teasers and updates from Epic Games as that date draws nearer.