Kratos Is On The Cover of Men's Health

god of war kratos
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment )

Everyone wishes they had Kratos' body. His beard, too. Heck, I think everyone wishes they were just Kratos; where being a dad is harder than slaying a pantheon of gods. But, like with any hot celebrity bod: what Kratos' got ain't easy. Gym, three times a day. Protein shakes in-between meals. No pizza. It's a hard lifestyle to maintain, especially when your day job is killing gods. But all the hard work has paid off. That's right folks, Kratos finally has landed the front cover of Men's Health.

More specifically, Kratos is on the cover of a Men's Health Magazine in Singapore. The magazine is actually from May 2018, but it seems the Internet has only picked up on it now.


It's unclear why this beauty of a magazine cover only ever came to Singapore, but clearly Singapore is a nation of exquisite tastes.

God of War is available on the PS4 and only on the PS4. For more news and media on the generational-defining action-adventure game, check out all of our previous coverage of the title by clicking right here. Further, you can read about why the game is so great and why Kratos deserves a Men's Health cover via our official review.

"Most games aim to simulate a journey; God of War succeeds in actually taking you on one," reads the opening of the review. "There were moments following the credits when I'd simply open the world map, look at all of its diverse landmarks, and gape in wonder. "I really went there," thought I. I really did go on this magnificent and emotionally stirring journey, and soon you get to do the same.

"God of War has grown up. For the first time, I am able to empathize with Kratos as he partakes in the human experience, truly capable of feeling and displaying emotions beyond the rage and spite which used to define him. Here we find Kratos as a stoically mourning husband and father, bent on fulfilling his deceased wife's last wish. Her desire is for Kratos, and their son Atreus, to deliver and scatter her ashes from the top of the tallest peak in the realms. Thus the father and son leave their once-secluded home, and set off for a great mountain in the distance."

Thanks, Reset Era.



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