'Fortnite' Players Can Pet Dogs After Latest Update

A new Fortnite update is out, and it’s added another round of weapon updates and new Limited Time Modes. The best part of the v8.40 Patch wasn’t found in the main notes about the Limited Time Mode or the weapons and was instead seen in the miscellaneous gameplay improvements though. Now that the update’s been released, Fortnite players can finally pet dogs and the other pets players carry around on their backs.

The patch notes for the update listed the new feature as one of the many changes in the patch and said the ability to interact with pets wasn’t limited only to dogs. If it’s on a player’s back and falls under the “Pet” category, you can pet it. To do so, all you have to do is come up to a pet that’s on someone’s back and use the button prompt to interact with it. The feature only works with other people’s pets though, so you’ll have to team up with someone else to make sure the one on your back gets some attention.

Epic Games didn’t show what the petting feature would look like in the game, but we’ve got people on Twitter to take care of that. The CanYouPetTheDog Twitter account which has the vital responsibility of checking the petting status of dogs and other animals in games was one of the accounts who shared a clip that can be seen below alongside another example.

Though you can technically pet the animals now, the animation might not be exactly what one would expect. By pressing the “pet” button, the character kind of just takes a swipe at the pet, though the animal seems to appreciate it all the same.

Fortnite’s new update also added some more LTMs to the game along with different rarities of the Infantry Rifle, all of those notes seen here.



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