Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Gets 7 Minutes of New Gameplay

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is releasing exclusively for the Nintendo Switch later this summer, though only so much has been seen so far in terms of gameplay. We already know it’ll include Marvel’s biggest heroes as playable character – and if you have a favorite hero, you’ll already have an idea of how they’ll play – but a new gameplay preview gives a better look at how the game will feel and what events will transpire.

The video above comes from Game Informer and first shows how the game opens to players. You’ll start out playing as the Guardians of the Galaxy in a story that follows a familiar narrative to those versed in Marvel’s works. The Infinity Stones are scattered throughout the universe, and it’s up to the many Marvel heroes to gather them before Thanos and the Black Order can.

Aside from just giving a look at Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s gameplay that consists of fighting hordes of enemies using the Marvel heroes’ unique powers, the video also provides some interesting details about characters and different modes. It was shown that when playing as the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, playing as Groot or Rocket means that you’ll actually be playing as both of them since they’re combined into one character. Groot does a lot of the work by wailing on enemies with his extendable arms while Rocket provides support with special attacks.

Many of the playable characters have been revealed already with some of them unveiled just a few days ago, and according to Game Informer’s preview, it doesn’t take too long to acquire them. Around half an hour is the time it’s said to take to unlock the heroes and start using them in battle, so it shouldn’t be long for most players until they’ve got the full range of the Marvel roster to pick from.

There are also multiple ways to take on objectives outside of the main storyline. Infinity Trials and Infinity Rifts are two ways to go about this, both of which are avenues for attempting side missions that give players experience and items.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is scheduled to release for the Nintendo Switch on July 19th.



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