New Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Heroes Revealed

Two more heroes from Marvel’s expansive list of characters have been confirmed for appearances in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. The two heroes who will be playable in Marvel’s new Nintendo Switch game are Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel, the first of which will need little introduction to anyone who’s been keeping up with the Avengers lately. Game Informer confirmed the arrival of the two heroes as part of its Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 coverage during May.

Game Informer’s report on the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 characters confirmed that both would be a part of the roster which is said to encompass more than 24 heroes. Hawkeye’s best known for his role within the Avengers, though the in-game version will look a bit different to people if you’re used to seeing the MCU version of the character. Ms. Marvel has the power to grow and shrink depending on the situation to dole out some big-fisted punches or other attacks. Game Informer said “her in-game version fills up some significant screen real estate” as she changes size.

A trailer shared by Game Informer that’s seen below shows off some of the in-game versions of the characters as well as a quick look at Ms. Marvel’s gameplay. You’ll recognize other members of the Avengers from that teaser as well as others like the Guardians of the Galaxy and Venom. Game Informer’s cover reveal for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 included more characters that haven’t been featured as prominently such as Wasp and Deadpool.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 was first revealed during The Game Awards with the surprising announcement that it would be an exclusive on the Nintendo Switch. The game itself will be out this summer with a release date scheduled for July 19th.



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