Fortnite Players Find Another Instant Death Location

Fortnite players have once again found another spot on the map that instantly eliminates players who step on it. Several spots that end with players eliminating themselves have been found before, but this latest one is located near one of the newest points of interest that was added at the start of Season 9. It’s in an unusual spot though, so it’s unlikely that most players will ever have to deal with it.

A player first noticed the insta-death spot after Season 9 began and shared the video below on Reddit to warn others about the spot. It’s located near Neo Tilted, one of the locations that was added alongside the new season. After grabbing a couple of items from a supply drop and sliding down a nearby hill, the player was met with the embarrassing “You Eliminated Yourself” message. An unfortunate ending for the player in question, but at least other people now know about the problematic spot and know not to slide down that particular spot on the hill.

New insta kill spot outside of Neo-Tilted from r/FortNiteBR

Neo Tilted was one of the biggest changes to come from the start of Season 9 when the season began just a few days ago. The new location is the replacement for the longstanding Tilted Towers hotspot which always seemed like it was in danger of being destroyed until it was finally leveled by Season 8’s looming volcano. Set many years in the future compared to when Season 8 took place, Neo Tilted is the futuristic version of the location that existed before it.

Outside of both Tilted Towers and Neo Tilted, players have had untimely deaths around certain insta-kill spots in the past like this one. One location was a frequently visited area because it was made as a “Forknife” meme but actually ended up eliminating players. If past examples of this are any indication, the new insta-elimination spot should be patched out soon by Epic Games.



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