Fortnite Just Destroyed Tilted Towers

(Photo: Epic Games)

Today, Epic Games and Fortnite finally destroyed Tilted Towers. As expected, the volcano on the map erupted, and when it did it shot out destruction that has completely wiped out Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and more. Where Tilted Towers once stood, is now a giant pool of lava and only one measly building.

For those that don't know: Epic Games has been teasing an in-game event for awhile now, and today said event finally happened. In Season 8, Fortnite added a massive volcano that players knew was eventually going to erupt and unleash destruction across the map. Last week, it began to rumble. And today, it erupted.

The volcano eruption was the tail-end of a much larger event. Right before it unleashed what's been building up inside and underneath it, players were transported to the sky where they floated. At this point, the map had become very dark, ash spread, and the island was shaking pretty intensely. Then the volcano erupted, sending lava covered massive rocks across the map.

Retail Row was the first victim of the eruption, then another rock was flung towards near where the old Greasy Grove was. And then finally the finale came, when a few massive rocks were sent flying towards Tilted Towers.

What's perhaps most interesting is that these big map changes come right before the World Cup. You'd think you wouldn't want to change up the game's map so drastically before your biggest tournament, but clearly, Epic Games isn't too worried.

Over the seasons, there's been plenty of rumors, leaks, and more suggesting that Tilted Towers would be destroyed, but it never happened. Players have heard that Tilted Towers would be destroyed during so many events that many believed it would never actually happen, but here we are.

Fortnite is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.



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