New Fortnite Leak Possibly Reveals The Game's Next Two Weapons

A new Fortnite leak has surfaced that reveals that not only is Epic Games getting ready to add a brand-new weapon to the game, but it's getting to bring back an older weapon that's been sitting in the vault for awhile. As you may know, earlier this year the Machine Pistol -- a machine gun, pistol hybrid -- first leaked, but was oddly never added to the game. That said, it looks like that's changing soon. In fact, it looks like it's going to be the game's next weapon, if the files of a recent balance update are indicative of anything.

So, what';s the evidence? Well, the pistol recently got a nerf. That's right. A gun not even in the game got a nerf, which can only mean one thing really: Epic Games is messing around with trying to balance it before adding it into the game for everyone. In other words, it's already in the game, just not in the consumer build. However, Epic Games wouldn't be nerfing the weapon if it was getting poised to add it to the game.


Interestingly, the Scoped AR looks like it's getting ready to make a comeback as well. Epic Games has also been messing around with the gun, and recently gave it a nerf. In fact, it looks like not only is it coming back, but coming back in additional variants.

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