Former Xbox Executive Picks PS5 Over Xbox Series X

It's 2020: the year both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will release, ushering in the 9th generation of modern gaming. And the closer we get to the vague "holiday" release windows for each, the more the two consoles are compared. And the more they are compared, the more the old embers of the console wars start to spark and threaten to burst into flames. While the console wars aren't as prominent as they used to be, there's no denying they still live on in some capacity, and will for a long time. After all, brand loyalty is a well-known thing, and PlayStation's biggest competitor in the industry is Xbox, and vice versa. And this is largely the result of the two pitching similar consoles with minute differences beyond a few exclusive games.

That all said, on social media and gaming forums, you can already see fans of both brands drawing their lines in the sand, which seemingly led to one gamer asking Mike Ybarra, a former Xbox executive who departed ways with the company back in October, what console he will be buying. His answer? The PS5.


"PS5. Will play Xbox exclusives on PC," said Ybarra on Twitter. "Wish they were all on PC... Economic wise, for my profile it's better for Xbox if I'm a Game Pass subscriber (which I will be for PC) vs. buying their console. I know that sounds weird, but it's accurate. The Game Pass strategy is very smart. Who cares where you play, as long as you play in Xbox's world."

Of course, you would expect Ybarra to be team Xbox to death, which is why his response has garnered so much attention. Further, as you can see, Ybarra more or less suggests that if PS5 exclusives were to come to PC, he would be doing all of his gaming there.