Xbox Executive Mike Ybarra Is Leaving Microsoft

Mike Ybarra, the corporate vice president of Xbox at Microsoft, announced on Wednesday that he’s leaving the company. The executive who has worked at Microsoft for around 20 years in various capacities confirmed his departure from Microsoft in a series of tweets shared on his personal Twitter account. Ybarra thanked the Xbox fans for their support over the years and said that “the future is bright” while adding that he’s “super excited” for what he has planned as his next step.

The tweets where Ybarra announced his departure from the company can be seen below. Ybarra may be more recognizable to those who follow him on Twitter or have seen him online as “XboxQwik” or simply “Qwik.” He hasn’t said yet what he’ll be doing now that he’s leaving Xbox but added that he hopes to see his fellow gamers online soon enough.

Following his tweets, head of Xbox Phil Spencer replied with his own thanks for what Ybarra has done at the company and said everyone within the Xbox Team wishes him the best.


“Thank you (@XboxQwik) for your many contributions to Microsoft and Xbox,” Spencer said. “You've been a strong advocate for our fans from day one, and have consistently driven to keep gamers at the center of everything we do. All of us at TeamXbox wish you the best.”

Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb shared a similar response after Ybarra announced his leave and wished the executive luck on his next step and said, like Ybarra, that he’ll see him online soon.