Agony Is Getting a Bonus "Agony Mode"

Agony is getting an additional feature called “Agony Mode” in addition to the survival horror [...]

Agony is getting an additional feature called "Agony Mode" in addition to the survival horror game's base story mode.

Developer Madmind Studio shared the news of the new Agony Mode today in an announcement that detailed how the procedurally-generated hell will work. Agony Mode will be a separate game mode from the story and will allow players to take on different challenges while competing against other players around the world with scores posted on an leader board.

"The additional game mode will add procedurally generated chambers for the players to test their hellish surivival skills. In mysterious labyrinths made of human bones or frosted ice chambers players will face random quest and challenges. They might be tasked to collect ten figurines which are spread around the level. Despite the main story mode of the game the players can choose on the gender of their character and the game ends with the death of the players, calculating their score. To drive the challenge to a global level all scores will be displayed on a worldwide leader board."

News of the new game mode and a trailer to accompany it was also shared on the game's Kickstarter page where the project was originally funded. The trailer shows players engaging in some gruesome kills as a demon and avoiding getting killed themselves by the various creatures that inhabit Agony's hell. Players can also add to their scores by creating additional chambers to navigate and can replay levels once beaten.

"When players achieve their given quest objectives and make their way to the mysterious 'Red Chamber' – implemented in each procedural generated level they can add additional points to their score by generating additional chambers to test his skills or even go back replaying the given level as one of the notorious Succubus."

In addition to this new info about the game's Agony Mode, the game's official Twitter account also shared more details about the story mode that many prospective players may not have known. The game boasts a 12-hour campaign and a new game+ mode to allow for more replays, something that you'll likely need since there are multiple endings.

Agony is scheduled to be released on May 29 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.