Among Us Reveals New Meeting Screen Plans

The meeting screen that Among Us players have gotten familiar with whenever calling or attending a meeting in the game is getting refreshed soon, according to the developer. InnerSloth said in its latest progress report on the work being done on the game that it'd be adding a new meeting screen to all versions of Among Us to accommodate the larger lobby sizes also planned for a future update. A first look at part of that new meeting screen was shown off in the latest post, though there's always the disclaimer in place that the final result might not look like what we've seen this week.

The bigger lobbies were announced a couple of weeks ago and are the driving force behind the new meeting screen. Because there will be a total of 15 players supported in the game during a match, the old meeting screen will no longer be able to accommodate that number, according to InnerSloth. That means that we'll be getting a new version of that screen, one that comes with a different intro as well whenever the meeting is called.

That new intro screen can be seen above in the image shared by the Among Us Twitter account alongside the blog update. InnerSloth said the new intro will better highlight who it was that called the meeting and who died between the rounds.

"A bigger lobby means our old meeting screen won't be able to handle all the new crewmates, so expect a bit of reworking there," InnerSloth said. "There'll also be a new intro when meetings are called that accentuates the information between the reporter and who exactly died between rounds, as seen [above]."

The rest of InnerSloth's talks about the future of the game largely dealt with the lobby sizes and the new art style, another change to look forward to whenever it's ready. We still haven't seen what that new style will look like, but the developer assured players that the new one wouldn't look too different from what players are used to already.


Less notable than those changes but still something to look forward to are the new color options releasing for players in the future. Crewmates are recognizable firstly by whatever color they are, and to accommodate the 15-player lobbies, InnerSloth is adding six more colors that it'll be revealing in May.