Animal Crossing: New Horizons -- May Day Event Rewards Revealed

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' next event is here, giving players the chance to snag an exclusive item and a ton of Bells. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' May Day event is an in-game celebration of International Workers Day, which occurs on May 1st and acts as an equivalent to Labor Day in many nations around the world. Tom Nook has prepared a special island tour for the event involving a hedge maze and the classic Animal Crossing character Rover. If players can figure out how to navigate the hedge maze without any of their tools, they can earn both the exclusive Rover's Briefcase item and tons of Bell Vouchers.

To kick off the May Day Festivities, players should speak to Tom Nook after Isabelle officially announces that the May Day festivities have started. After speaking to Nook, players can then head to the airport to get their free May Day Ticket for Orville and head to the special May Day Island. Unlike other islands, players will have to leave all of their items behind on the airplane, as the May Day hedge maze is all about using limited resources to reach the center of the maze.

Rover can be found at the top of the island behind several layers of obstacles. Players will need to collect various resources and use fruit to break through the different bushes, trees, and rocks blocking your path to reach Rover at the top of the island. After speaking with Rover, he'll reward you with his Briefcase. Players can also find a total of nine different Bell Vouchers on the island, meaning that you can earn up to 27,000 Bells each time you visit the island.

Unfortunately, players can only visit the island once per day, and the island layout doesn't change at all from day to day. If you find yourself stuck or out of resources, you can always reset the island by calling Resident Services to perform a rescue. Resetti will send players back to the beginning of the hedge maze and reset all of the obstacles, items, and resources, although it will cost you 100 Nook Miles to do so.

The May Day event runs from May 1st through May 7th, so you'll have seven days to conquer the hedge maze. Players can earn up to 189,000 Bells by completing the maze every day, which can go a long way to paying off a house loan or buying some expensive decorations.

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