‘Anthem’ Gameplay Video Introduces Ultimate Abilities, First Mission

Considering that Paris Games Week is underway, we're probably going to see some new footage from some highly anticipated titles for 2018. And Electronic Arts, along with BioWare, has already hit the ground running with Anthem, as a recent livestream presented some fresh new gameplay from the forthcoming action/adventure title.

In the video, which you can see above, we've got a sneak peek at the ultimate abilities that your character will be capable of using, along with the first mission in general.

Two of the team members walk you through the features in the video, starting with a camp where you'll be able to hang out with your fellow soldiers. After activating a signal to keep an eye out for adversaries, you begin to take flight, and then get the option to activate your Ultimate Ability by pressing up on the D-pad. These are likely to vary between characters, but this particular one seems to give you a speed boost.

The video was posted by Arekkz Gaming, who no doubt taped the livestream as it happened, and he provides commentary on what's happening within the game. It looks pretty good thus far, though, especially when your arm sets aflame as part of your armor set.

There's also a point where you see some great combat within the game, where you can utilize both your weapon and your armor to take down enemies before they attempt to override a zone they're trying to take over.

The other narrators take over midway through, talking more about the depth of the game as you get around with your flying abilities.

The whole thing is well worth a watch, as it reveals a neat new side of the game -- and may even remind you of Mass Effect as far as its over-the-shoulder aiming is concerned.


EA already has another livestream planned for later this week, where it'll be showing off the visual power of Anthem with even more gameplay. We'll keep you informed as to what gets shown. Thus far, though, the game definitely looks sweet, especially as enemies enter the picture and unleash some devastating attacks.

Anthem is set to release on February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.