Apex Legends Is Bringing Back Kings Canyon

Respawn Entertainment is bringing the original Apex Legends map back to the battle royale game, but only for a limited time. The developers announced this week that Kings Canyon will be playable once again starting on February 21st until it’s taken away on February 24th. It’ll be available alongside the current World’s Edge map, so players can choose whether they want to stick with the new or take a trip back to the old before it’s retired once again.

The return of Kings Canyon was announced on Thursday with a tweet from the Apex Legends account. Included in that was a nostalgic peek at the game’s original map it launched with, and this one is indeed as original as it gets. It’s the Season 1 version of the map which means you’ll be dropping at the Bunker, Skull Town, and other popular locations from Kings Canyon prior to any changes made later.

It’s also a welcome consideration for all types of Apex Legends players that the old map is available alongside the current version of World’s Edge even if the former is only sticking around for a few days. While it might seem crazy to those who played towards the start of the game and remember fondly the days of Kings Canyon, those who joined after the map switched to World’s Edge may find the new map to be the favorable one.


For those keeping track, this isn’t the first time in the past few months that the original map has been playable. The game’s Grand Soiree event which took place throughout January eventually brought players the Kings Canyon map again for a limited time thanks to the “Night Time Kings Canyon” game mode. Players expectedly flocked to some of the hotspots previously mentioned like Skull Town, and that’ll likely be no different this time around.

Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon map is playable for a limited time until February 24th.

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