Ark: Survival Evolved Developer Leaks Trailer, Possibly for New Game

Studio Wildcard appears to have mistakenly shared a trailer ahead of schedule that could be hinting at the developer's next game.

Currently known for its dino-survival game Ark: Survival Evolved that puts players in a harsh environment and tasks them with fighting and training various creatures, Studio Wildcard's latest trailer certainly looks like it has nothing to do with that game. Unless the developers have plans for some wild expansion coming soon that restructures the entire game and strips it of all dinosaur elements, Studio Wildcard appears to have a new game in the works called Atlas.

The trailer above was uploaded to the YouTube channel for Ark: Survival Evolved before it was subsequently taken down not long after it was first spotted. It's removal didn't come quick enough though as players were able to capture it and reupload it to different channels such as the one shared on Resetera (also on Reddit and PlayStation Lifestyle). Studio Wildcard's trailer shows off a decidedly different game compared to Ark: Survival Evolved with players controlling seafaring pirates and search for treasure. The undead walk among them as well in skeletal forms at least on land, possibly on the open sea as well.

From a first impression, the trailer previews Atlas as a game that might find itself somewhere between Rare's Sea of Thieves and Ubisoft's upcoming Skull & Bones. The former features a cartoony version of the pirates and skeleton pirates while players search the open seas for loot and adventure while the latter puts a more realistic spin on the pirate genre. Both of these consist of some levels of PvP combat as well with players doing battle against one another while sailing the oceans, something that'll likely make an appearance in Atlas and any other pirate-themed game, if that is truly what Studio Wildcard is planning on releasing.


There's been no official confirmation from the developers about the game, so it's impossible to imagine what kind of scope Studio Wildcard might have for the game or what its plans are. The trailer was referred to as "Internal Trailer 2" by its title though, so it appears that there's at least more than one preview of Atlas (or whatever the final name is) ready to be shown off. We'll provide updates here if Studio Wildcard issues any type of confirmation or denial about the supposedly new game.