Arkham Horror Gets Radio Drama-Style Audiobooks

Several popular tabletop franchises are getting a full radio drama experience. Earlier this month, Aconyte Games, a publishing house owned by board game maker Asmodee, announced an audiobook partnership with Graphic Audio. Under the partnership Graphic Audio will produce twelve of Aconyte's novels into dramatized audiobook adaptations, with sound effects, cinematic music, and a full cast. The first of these books – Wrath of N'Kai" by Josh Reynolds – was released on May 16th. Five other Arkham Horror books, three Twilight Imperium novels, and three Zombicide books will also get adapted into cinematic audiobooks. 

Aconyte was founded in 2020 with plans to expand the worlds of various Asmodee properties through a series of tie-in novels. Two to three books are released every month, utilizing Asmodee's IP portfolio to tell a variety of stories. The most popular of Aconyte's books has been its Arkham Horror series, which expands on the Lovecraftian horror found in the popular Fantasy Flight Games franchise of board and card games. 

"As a young reader, I devoured mysteries, particularly those of Agatha Christie," said Ken Jackson, creative director of Graphic Audio, in a press release announcing the partnership. "It's no wonder then that I was drawn to 'Arkham Horror: The Wrath of N'Kai.' It is the story of an international thief of esoteric artifacts, who stumbles onto a nightmarish cult in 1920s New England. Producing this in Graphic Audio, the events unfold like a macabre mystery movie from Hollywood's Golden Age. It's playful at times, but at others deadly and spooky."  

Graphic Audio has a wide portfolio of cinematic-style audio books in its portfolio, including popular series like The Stormlight Archive and The Boys. More information about Graphic Audio can be found on their website.