Forthcoming Evil Dead Game Will Include Ash vs. Evil Dead's Cast, Says Co-Star

A couple of days ago, we shared the joyous news that Bruce Campbell would once again reprise his [...]

Ash vs Evil Dead

A couple of days ago, we shared the joyous news that Bruce Campbell would once again reprise his role of the legendary deadite killer Ash Williams for a forthcoming Evil Dead video game, though he didn't provide details about it just yet. But now it appears that he won't be returning alone, as the Ghost Beaters are tagging right along with him!

Based on this article from Dread Central, whatever this Evil Dead game ends up being, it will involve the characters from Ash vs. Evil Dead, the series that Starz abruptly cancelled earlier this summer after its third year of airing. This potentially includes the return of Kelly, Pablo and possibly even Ash's daughter, though those details haven't been finalized just yet.

Dread Central found out about this while speaking with Ray Santiago, who previously portrayed Pablo in the series. He discussed a number of things he was working on, but the video game subject came up, and Santiago provided a very enthusiastic answer.

When the interviewer asked, "With the news of an upcoming Evil Dead video game, will Pablo be in the game?" Santiago replied, "I would say that we stick together in everything that we do. We're the Ghost Beaters, so I would say yeah! We're all going to be part of this!"

However, when the interviewer asked about details about the game -- and the possibility it would be a virtual reality title -- Santiago stopped just short of confirming anything. "Uhhhhhmmmmm… God, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to answer these questions. I feel like you're warm. I feel like you're really warm! I'm at the beach right now and it's really, really hot. Like, really warm! [laughs]"

So there you have it. We're not sure exactly when we're going to hear details about this new Evil Dead game (this week at Gamescom, perhaps? THQ has noted it will be introducing something…), but we're eager to see the Ghost Beaters back in action.

In the meantime, get caught up on Ash vs. Evil Dead, as the third and final season releases on Blu-Ray and DVD this Tuesday.

(Hat tip to Dread Central for the details!)