Assassin's Creed Odyssey Players Will Need to Eat Totino's Pizza Rolls To Get This Weapon

assassin's creed pizza

Totino's Pizza. Probably the last thing that comes to your mind when you think of delicious, hot pizza. But if you're planning on playing Ubisoft's upcoming new Assassin's Creed game, you may have Totino's on the menu soon.

Ubisoft has announced a new promotion with Totino's Pizza to give away items in the game for those that buy some of Totino's delicious and famous pizza.

If you're not in the United States, consider yourself lucky, because the new promotion is exclusive to America. And here's the gist, if you buy some Totino's Pizza you'll get exclusive weapons and other incentives like XP boosters.

Here's how it will work: first on-pack code redemption will grant you an XP Boost. The second, will get you the Horn of Aries Sickle Sword. The third, gives the Bighorn Bow. And in case you're a true monster, every on-pack code after three (up to 12 purchases) unlocks additional XP boosts.

In other words, if you want your Assassin's Creed character to upgrade the fastest, you'll just need to buy and throw away 12 types of Totino's Pizza products.

But wait there's more. Walmart shoppers will get an exclusive item. More specifically, Totino's Pizza consuming Walmart shoppers, because Totino's product sold at Walmart will come with the Ram Axe heavy weapon, which you can't get anywhere else.

But wait, there's a catch to that catch. If you want this Ram Axe, you'll need to buy the 120-count pizza rolls pack. There's literally no other way to get this axe.

To apologize for its crimes against humanity, Ubisoft and Totinos are giving away a copy of the game, an Xbox One X, and other Assassin's Creed goodies, via a special website where you can enter certain codes on specifically marked Totino's products.


Assassin's Creed Odyssey is poised to launch on October 5 via the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment, it's unclear if Totino's Pizza will appear in the game as a boss. Current rumors suggest you'll need to become a majority stakeholder in Totinos to unlock such a feature.

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