Back 4 Blood Tunnels of Terror DLC Trailer Shows Off New Characters, Weapons

Turtle Rock Studios dropped a new trailer for Back 4 Blood's first expansion called Tunnels of Terror this week to show off one of our best looks yet at the DLC releasing soon. Announced back at the start of March, this DLC comes with a new area for PvE players to explore as well as additional Cleaners, Ridden, weapons, cards, and more to utilize. Tunnels of Terror is scheduled to launch on April 12th, so it won't be long now before players are able to try all of this out for themselves.

That trailer can be seen below after it premiered on Thursday. It's narrated by Sharice, one of the new Cleaners players will be able to control in both the PvE and PvP elements of the game. Sharice uses a fire axe and has the ability to convert armor from the Ridden into her own armor plates. She also gains 25% trauma resistance and increases the team's bolstered health by the same amount. Sharice is joined by another Cleaner, Heng, who can sense nearby attachments and other objects of interest. He has a chance to drop an item when hit by a mutation, increases the chance that teammates can reuse accessories, and uses a hatchet as his weapon.

These Cleaners will be joined by the Urchins, Shredders, and Rippers who all add to the playable Ridden monsters as well as those you'll find in the PvE area called the "Ridden Hives." An overview of the DLC shared alongside the video listed everything else that's included with this expansion such as skins, cards, and the "No Hope" difficulty. That new difficulty level is somewhat separate from the Tunnels of Terror DLC even though it releases at the same time in that it's part of a free update available for all players.

"Tunnels of Terror features the all-new PvE areas 'Ridden Hives,' along with 2 new playable Cleaners, 7 new Legendary Weapons, 12 weapon skins, new cards, 8 premium skins, and the fearsome Warped Ridden to discover below the depths of Evansburgh," a preview of the DLC said. "The expansion will coincide with the release of the No Hope difficulty, a free update adding an extra level of challenge for elite players."

Over on the game's social accounts, we've been getting previews like the one above that show what specific weapons and cards will do. Between those and the trailer above, you can brush up there on everything you need to know about the DLC before it drops.