Battlefield V Devs Talk About Changes Made Post-Alpha

Though we still have a little longer to wait for DICE's Battlefield V, Producer Alexander Hassoon wanted to touch base with fans and let them know how those that participated in the closed Alpha have impacted the game.

"In the Alpha," Hassoon began on the Battlefield website, "we tested the technical aspects of the game, its many backend systems, player scoring rate, and many other things. As you and your squad fought for precious Narvik territory in Grand Operations and the Conquest mode – sampling the new gunplay, the Fortifications system, and more along the way – we learned a lot."

As with most Alphas, there were a few misshaps. Luckily, that's the whole point of Alpha testing periods; to stress test the servers and pick up any straggling bugs that might affect the game negatively on launch day. Matchmaking issues were the most prominent, as well as the ability to stay within the same squad.

"As in Battlefield 1, there are two ways of joining a Battlefield V game: hitting a quickmatch button to be matchmade with other players or joining suitable games through the server browser. In the Closed Alpha, we had some issues with our matchmaking configuration, which caused some players to get error messages or be placed in less suitable server locations with increased latency when trying to join. Alpha players may have found it easier to join a game through the server browser, and while that is a viable option, matchmaking should always be a smooth, reliable way to get into the game."

The team promises that the matchmaking issues reported are under heavy scrutiny and will undergo massive improvements and changes before launch.

That being said, the Alpha testing period also brought positive feedback as well, especially regarding the revamped queue system to minimize toxicity and improve overall stability. "There were issues with staying in your Squad between matches – this did not work as intended in the Closed Alpha but will be fixed. Squad Play is vital to Battlefield V and keeping you and your squad buddies together is a big priority for us," he said about what they are planning to do regarding Squad Play.

He added, "Apart from aspects like matchmaking and stability, we're also hard at work with other things, such as improving the queue system, minimizing toxicity with a potential non-cross-faction chat room, and squashing strange bugs – like a picturesque Norwegian cabin mysteriously appearing around a downed player during a revive."


It's important to remember that the Alpha stage is in no way even close to all the final product will have to offer. There's so much left to uncover and enjoy when Battlefield V launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 16th.