Bethesda Ends Development on The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Bethesda is calling it quits on developing new content for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, the company announced this week. A statement issued to its players said that the game will still be downloadable and playable but warned them not to expect to see any new card sets or things like that added to the game for the foreseeable future. Monthly rewards and in-game events will still happen though, and Bethesda is giving away a free set of cards called "The Tamriel Collection" to anyone who now logs in to play.

Posts within the game's communities like the forums and on the game's subreddit broke the news to players about the development shutdown. Bethesda acknowledged that it had a roadmap in place which would have had another set coming out this year, but that's no longer the case. Development on an Asia-specific version of the game will continue, but the work put towards new content for the game as a whole has ended.

"We would like to provide an update on Legends in regard to new content," Bethesda said. "Our previous roadmap indicated we would be releasing one more set this year. We decided to put any new content development or releases on hold for the foreseeable future. This decision will not in any way affect the release and development of GAEA's Asia-specific version of Legends, which is operated separately, but will inform our decisions on content and feature development going forward."

The wording of the statement sounds like it leaves some wiggle room for development to resume should the new version of Legends work out well and bring in an influx of players. If that development ever does resume, the monthly rewards and other events like the Tamriel Collection giveaway may hold players over until they know the future of the game.

Single-player and online play will still be supported in Legends, so players can continue taking part in this recurring free content until we learn more from Bethesda about its plans (or lack of plans) for Legends.


"Until then, you can still download and play Legends on all existing platforms and compete online as well as in the single-player modes," Bethesda said. "We will also continue to support the game with monthly reward cards and regular in-game events. New expansions and other future content, however, are no longer under active development. We will continue to provide ongoing maintenance support."