You Can Try to Romance Billie Eilish's Mom in Mass Effect 2

One of the things that makes the Mass Effect series special is the characters, who, if you want, you can romance. And in the process of this pursuit, you spend a lot of time talking to these characters. It's this level of character development and character interaction that draws many to the science-fiction series, which, without it, wouldn't be nearly as notable. Another thing every one can agree on is that Mass Effect 2 is the best entry in the series to date, partially because it added some great characters to Shepard's entourage. And naturally, you can romance most of these characters.

In the sequel, you can romance the following characters: Miranda, Jack, Tali, Thane, Jacon, Garrus, Kelly Chambers, and galatic strippers if that's the type of Shepard you're playing. Meanwhile, one character you can attempt to romance is Samara, who gets really close to romancing Shepard, but shuts things down at the last second.

Now, I know what you're thinking: why are we talking about Mass Effect 2's romance options in 2020? Well, because the Internet has noticed that the aforementioned character, Samara, is played by Maggie Baird, who is the mother of award-winning singer Billie Eilish. In other words, you can try to romance in Billie Eilish's mom in Mass Effect.

mass effect samar
(Photo: EA)

For those that don't know: Samara is a nearly thousand-year-old asari justicar, a member of an ancient monastic order that follows a very strict honor code. She appears in both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, and can be half-romanced in the former if you take the Paragon route.


As for Maggie Baird, she's lent her voice acting talents to a variety of games over the year, including Rogue Squadron, Saints Row, and EverQuest II.

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