Buffy The Vampire Slayer's James Marsters Waited In Line At Gamestop To Get Spider-Man Just Like The Rest Of Us

The world, both Marvel comic fans and newcomers alike, is celebrating the incredible release of Insomniac Games' Spider-Man title for the PlayStation 4. But it's not just us freaking out over the amazing launch of an already addictive story, but one Buffy the Vampire Slayer star couldn't help but to share his excitement as well.

For fans of the iconic television show, James Marsters played the "love-to-hate" Spike, a once evil vampire turned eventual love interest for our beloved Slayer. It turns out that Marsters is also a die-hard Spidey fan and couldn't help but to post this adorable photo as he waited in line at his local GameStop to scoop up his own copy:

Excitement makes us impatient sometimes, and that definitely showed as his saga continued:

But of course, it had a happy ending:

I guess we can expect to see a "Spike" in Spider-Man PS4 sales now, am I right (I've got puns, son)?

As for the game itself, it is out now and being flooded with positive reviews of gamers everywhere singing its praises. Everyone can't help but to give kudos to Insomniac Games for such a well-done adventure as both Spider-Man and the boy himself: Peter Parker.

Our very own Matthew Hayes even gave the Marvel game a perfect score and couldn't sing its praises enough. You can check out the full review right here as well as a small blurb below. You can also check out our Community Hub for all things Spider-Man 24/7!


"Marvel's Spider-Man is the best superhero movie you can't buy a ticket to see, and it's one of the best open-world games of the generation. Insomniac Games has shown great audacity in its effort to craft a wholly original Spider-Man story, with its own timeline and set of origin stories"

He added, "There's so much more I want to tell you about this game. I want to assure you that the stealth missions will make your mouth go dry. I want to warn you about certain challenges. I want to admonish you to cherish your time with certain characters. There's much more that I could say, but you don't need any more persuasion. This is a genre-defining and generation-defining effort from Insomniac, Sony, and Marvel, and it's one of the best Spider-Man stories ever told. Go play it. Go be great."