Bully 2 Could Release After GTA 6, Rockstar Games Insider Suggests

There's a chance we could get Bully 2 after Grand Theft Auto VI, according to an insider. Bully is one of Rockstar's most unique and beloved games outside of the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption franchises. It took some of the basic ideas of those two games with a big open world where you could cause a more grounded, significantly less illegal amount of mayhem. You played as an angsty kid who was sent off to a boarding school and had to figure out how to survive in a school filled with various cliques and power dynamics. It was extremely fresh and a sequel was something that was seemingly going to happen at one point, but everything changed once Grand Theft Auto V entered development and certainly once it was released as well.

Various details and pieces of concept for Bully 2 have leaked over the years, but it seems to be a game that keeps getting pushed under the rug in favor of bigger, more ambitious projects that require more manpower. According to Rockstar Games insider Tez2, there's a chance that the developer could return to Bully 2 after it finishes Grand Theft Auto VI. The sequel was reportedly in development for two years which means there could be something to salvage together. Rockstar Games could also carry over some systems from other games to help streamline the process a bit more.

Tez2 speculation about Bully 2 after GTA6. from bully2

 Given Bully 2 would likely be a much smaller game relative to a new Red Dead or GTA game, it seems like something that could really benefit Rockstar Games. The developer has had massive gaps between releases and has led to impatient fans. If the developer could figure out a way to make a few "smaller" games relative to the size of its more recent releases, it could likely both prevent fatigue from GTA and Red Dead, but also help fill the gap between RDR 3 or GTA 7.

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