Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Players Show Rare Views of Tactical Nukes

Tactical Nukes aren’t something you’ll see frequently in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare since because of their challenging requirements for earning them. It’s hard enough to drop one let alone to see one dropped in a game you’re in at all, but some players are still finding that there are unique perspectives to view the nukes from that require certain things coming together at the right time. The results are some impressive views that not everyone will be able to see on their own, but they can see them second-hand now thanks to some players’ gameplay videos.

Modern Warfare player and Reddit user jude458 shared the clip below within the Modern Warfare subreddit this week to show a much different view of the nuke dropping in a match. After deploying a Tactical Nuke, the player hopped into an AC-130 to view the blast from above. Through their perspective, we get to see the bright flash of light illuminating the darkened map before explosions appear throughout the map. The game ends as it normally would right after the explosions and a brief animation play.

This is what the Tactical Nuke looks like from AC-130 from r/modernwarfare

Shortly after the player submitted their view of the Tactical Nuke going off in Modern Warfare, another player did the same but from the perspective of a different Killstreak. Reddit user Flip-Ya-4real memed the community distaste towards Piccadilly while showing what it looked like to watch a Tactical Nuke go off from inside of a Chopper Gunner Killstreak. The view from much closer to the buildings than the AC-130 showed a similar perspective but from a different angle as the Tactical Nuke dropped on Piccadilly.

Nuked Piccadilly for y’all! Now we don’t have to play that map ever again! Nice view from the Chopper Gunner too! from r/modernwarfare

The views aren’t ones that players will see often in games since you have to be fortunate enough to witness a Tactical Nuke in your game and have a player-controlled Killstreak like the AC-130 and Chopper Gunner at the same time. Because of this, the details of the explosions and the perspectives shown in the clips would normally be lost on players, but it’s impressive to see that they were added in anyway just in case someone ever happened to find themselves in the air when a Tactical Nuke was going off.