‘Castlevania Requiem’ Rated For PlayStation 4, Features Two Classic Games

Following our review of Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner MARS yesterday, we suggested that Konami give other re-releases of classic games a try, as they could drum up serious business on the PS4 front. Well, based on a recent rating by a South Korean board, this could be happening with one of the company’s greatest franchises.


Based on this listing, the company is preparing a compilation for PS4 titled Castlevania Requiem, which looks set to include two classic titles from the Castlevania series, possibly remastered from their original sources. And right in the title, we get a hint of just what we’re in for, as the collection will include Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood, also known as Dracula X.

Anyone who’s a die-hard Castlevania fan knows what Symphony is all about. The game initially released in 1997 and became an instant classic for the original PlayStation, thanks to its open-world design, its role-playing style of leveling up, and its awesome presentation -- not to mention some amazing boss encounters. The game has since been re-released for Xbox 360 as a digital download (and made backward compatible on Xbox One); and was also included with Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for PlayStation Portable and Vita.

Meanwhile, Rondo of Blood is a more curious entry in the Castlevania series. It initially released on the Turbo-Grafx CD back in the 90’s, presenting an old-school style of play set against a beautiful soundtrack. The game never got a U.S. release until Nintendo added it to the Wii Virtual Console service as a digital download. A version of Rondo of Blood did come out for Super Nintendo under the name Castlevania: Dracula X, but it’s since become a rarity.

Konami hasn’t said anything officially about this collection just yet, but it is Tokyo Game Show week, so an announcement could be right around the corner. There’s no question this little collection would be a big hit with fans, especially if the games have extra features or feature some form of remaster, so they look better than ever before.


But why just stop at the two games? This would be a perfect opportunity to present even more Castlevania titles for fans to enjoy. Remember Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth for Wii? Or how about Castlevania Bloodlines for the Sega Genesis? Heck, let’s go all out and throw in the NES classics for a new generation to enjoy, especially Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse.

Ah, well, one thing at a time, we suppose. We’ll let you know as soon as Castlevania Requiem is made official!