Celebrate Kingdom Hearts With This Beautiful Collectible Piece

If you're in America, September 17th marks the 15th anniversary for the renowned Kingdom Hearts franchise and what better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous collectibles piece while replaying your favourites?

Sorra 3
(Photo: Static Arts)

The series' protagonist Sora takes center stage in this adorable collectibles piece from Static Arts. It is a smaller six-inch scale piece but even for its size, it shows an incredible attention to detail. Each piece is hand painted to show a difference in texture and shading for a more accurate in-game effect. Sora looks as lovely in person as he does among Disney favourites in Kingdom Hearts.

(Photo: Static Arts)

Sora can also be seen perched upon a five-point start motif, the instantly recognizable symbol for the magic that players experience in-game. What's interesting about this particular piece is the use of a gradient within the detailing of the paint. With different layers stacked on top of the paint used, the colouring creates this "pop" effect that almost makes the star appear as if it is glowing. The technique used in the different construct mediums and the colour variation is not only true to character, but meticulously done.

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The collectible retains for $49.99 and can be purchased here. With those gamers that enjoyed the magical blend of Disney and Square Enix over in America, the 17th marks a special day in remembrance of a franchise that instantly became a beloved narrative and continues to grow in the future.


As far as the next phase in this wondrous story, Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to launch in 2018 after experiencing multiple delays. Need a little catching up before the next big announcement for KH fans? You can see everything we've learned since E3 right here.