'Critical Role' is Good for Cats' Health

Critical Role has not only ushered in a new era of Dungeons & Dragons, it's also apparently [...]

Critical Role has not only ushered in a new era of Dungeons & Dragons, it's also apparently beneficial for a cat's well-being.

Critical Role is a popular web series about a group of voice actors who play Dungeons & Dragons. Started in 2015, the show has become an entry point for thousands of fans into the world of D&D. Although it's not the first "liveplay" show, it's certainly one of the most popular and is often credited as one of the reasons for Dungeons & Dragons' resurgence in recent years.

In addition to its beneficial effects on Dungeons & Dragons, Critical Role is also apparently good for the health of pets. Recently, the Twitter user @theopteryx shared a YouTube comment she found on one of Critical Role's videos.The comment tells the tale of "Vodkat Longtail," a cat owner and Critical Role fan.

After starting a new job that required her to leave the house, Longtail's cat began pulling out all of its fur. While Longtail tried playing music for the cat while away, it only seemed to make the cat more stressed. "After a little while of fretting, I noticed her actively watching Critical Role with me while sitting in my lap," Longtail wrote. "Like, really paying attention."

So, Longtail decided to play episodes of Critical Role while she was at work to see if that would soothe the cat. And, shockingly it worked! "She's now up to episode 100 of Season 1," Longtail wrote. "And all her fur has grown back. When I get home, I find her curled up near my computer, either on my chair or on my bed, always in earshot just listening to you guys playing."

According to Longtail, the cat will even meow at its owner when Critical Role stops playing, but will settle down once its turned back on.

"Thanks for looking after my cat for me, guys," Longtail concluded. "I really appreciate it."

Some cats do suffer from separation anxiety, and experience symptoms similar to Longtail's cat. Although the value of leaving music on for a cat is debated by experts, anecdotal evidence suggests that some cats can be soothed by talk radio...or in this case Critical Role. So, if your cat seems to miss you during the day, you might want to introduce it to Critical Role. Who knows, maybe a cat will take to Dungeons & Dragons and join your adventuring party next!

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(h/t to @theopteryx for sharing the YouTube comment!)