GTA and Red Dead Redemption Writer Dan Houser Has Officially Left Rockstar Games

Today, Dan Houser officially left Rockstar Games, the company he helped found back in 1998 with his brother Sam Houser. Back in February, Rockstar Games announced that Houser was leaving the company he help create on March 11, 2020. At the time, it was unclear why the two parties were parting ways, and it's still unclear. Unfortunately, neither Houser or Rockstar Games released a statement today, suggesting that the departure isn't completely amicable. Houser isn't just a random developer. He's the co-founder of the studio, its head writer, a producer, and its vice president of creativity. This is a very notable departure, and usually departures of this ilk are accompanied by at least a statement from the company. And thus the lack of statement has many convinced the two aren't parting ways on the best terms.

Over the years, Houser has helped shape series like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Bully. As a result, he's become a big name in the industry. It's a huge loss for Rockstar Games, and it's a loss that many fans of the developer are worried and crestfallen about.


At the moment of publishing, not only is it unclear why the two parties are parting ways, but it's unclear what Houser will do next. In fact, it's also unclear what Rockstar Games has in the pipeline. It's certainly making Grand Theft Auto VI, but will this be its next game? Probably, but there are some rumors and reports that suggest the developer is working on a sequel to Bully.