Dead by Daylight Is Updating 2 Killers

Behaviour Interactive is updating its two chainsaw-wielding Killers in Dead by Daylight this month. After teasing what’s to come for both The Hillbilly and The Cannibal, the latter better known as Leatherface, Behaviour unveiled its plans in this month’s Developer Update that previewed what’s to come. Both Killers will utilize some new chainsaw mechanics to make them both feel better to play while still providing room for players to express their experience with the characters. Perk and add-on changes will be released as well, so if you’re partial to either of those Killers, you’ve got a lot to look ahead to this month.

Starting with Leatherface, Behaviour said this Killer’s chainsaw will now activate similarly to how The Hillbilly’s works so that players don’t cancel their ability at the last second because they didn’t hold down the input for long enough. The much bigger change is that he’ll now have charges on his chainsaw ability that allow him to extend the assault. Leatherface has three charges, one of which is consumed right when you start sweeping the chainsaw around. Press the ability button once more to use another charge and extend the attack, and press it again afterwards to use up all three. Using too many charges without hitting something means you’ll suffer a longer tantrum though, so don’t commit if you don’t think you’re going to land the attack.

The video above shows this change in action. It also highlights a new mechanic that applies to both Leatherface and The Hillbilly and prevents them from revving their chainsaws for too long. If you hold the ability too long without using it, you’ll send Leatherface into a tantrum similar to when he bumps into something.

Leatherface is also getting some new add-ons that’ll work with these changes by doing things like replenishing his charges.

The Hillbilly isn’t receiving quite as many changes. He’ll be getting an overheat mechanic that similarly prevents him from revving the chainsaw too long without using it. Hold the ability for too long and you’ll overheat it and put it on a cooldown.

The chainsaw generates heat when you’re sprinting with it, but it’s at a much slower rate than if you were just revving the chainsaw in anticipation for an attack. Your sprint doesn’t end if you overheat the chainsaw, so if you’re in the red and still see someone in range of your sprint, you can keep going.

The Hillbilly is also getting some new add-ons like one Ultra Rare one that’ll let him keep sprinting after smashing a pallet, but the trade off is that his chainsaw only damages Survivors for a single health state instead of instantly putting them in the dying state. His Lightborn and Tinkerer perks have also been updated in the following ways.


The Hillbilly Perks

  • Lightborn
    • Unlike other beasts of The Fog, you have adapted to light. You are immune to blindness caused by flashlights and firecrackers. Survivors that attempt blinding you have their aura revealed for 6/8/10 seconds.
  • Tinkerer
    • When a Generator is repaired to 70% repair progress, it triggers a loud noise notification and you are granted the Undetectable status effect for 12/14/16 seconds.

These Dead by Daylight Killers will be updated “in the near future,” Behaviour said.

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