'Death Stranding' Creator Hideo Kojima Shares His Favorite Movies of 2018

Hideo Kojima is pretty much an evil genius, minus the evil part. Known for his eccentric means of [...]

Hideo Kojima is pretty much an evil genius, minus the evil part. Known for his eccentric means of pursuing his creative endeavors, Kojima-san has made a name for himself not just as a game dev, but as a highly intelligent - if not odd, at times - name in the gaming industry. It's also no secret that the Death Stranding creator is a huge movie buff, it's something he's mentioned quite a bit in the past regarding his passion for the craft. With 2018 coming to a close, the creative gaming guru took to his Twitter to outline some of his favorite cinematic experiences of 2018.

In many places, the winter months can bring an uncomfortable cold - which means the perfect chance to curl up on the couch with a steamy hot beverage for a good 'ol fashioned binge-fest. The best part about this list is that some of them are not that well-known, which means fans of his can experience something that they might not have been aware of.

Personally, I have to agree with Kojima-san's recommendation of Annihilation. Assuming he meant the recently released science fiction horror film by Alex Garland. I recently gave that movie a try on a flight, not really sure how I'd feel about it since the trailers never really grabbed me. I'm glad I did though! It had a very philosophical ending and progression with a ton of hidden details throughout. It's also the sort of film that is right up Kojima-san's alley - he's always been very open about his passion for movies with hidden depths.

As for the rest, I haven't heard of most of them but if it's got his seal of approval - I'm defintely willing to give a few of them a try!

What about you guys? What do you think of his most loved film experiences of the past year? Have you seen any of the above movies? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!