New Death Stranding Trailers Show Off Ghost Babies, Holograms, and Advanced Pee Technology

While it had been known that Hideo Kojima would attend Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live event ahead of Gamescom 2019, it wasn't clear exactly what the designer and head of Kojima Productions would show off from his upcoming video game, Death Stranding. Now that we've actually seen what Kojima decided to bring along, it's hard to imagine that anyone could have predicted that they'd see, say, a digital version of Norman Reedus peeing in a field. And now all those trailers have officially made their way online.

In total, there are four new trailers for Death Stranding out of Gamescom. Given that it's the largest gaming convention in Europe, it's not exactly shocking that Kojima's game would make a big splash, especially given its impending release in just a couple months. Of those, three were shown at the Opening Night Live event, and one -- apparently called "Briefing" -- is only being shown at the PlayStation booth at the full convention itself.

The three that are now online specifically spotlight the character Mama, a "Ludens Fan" that looks suspiciously like Geoff Keighley himself (because it is), and "Bridge Babies" or BBs, as in the BB Pod the main character carries around all the time. You can check out all three trailers, embedded in the order described, below:

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Here's how PlayStation's official product page for the video game describes it:


"In the near future, mysterious explosions have rocked the planet, setting off a series of supernatural events known as the Death Stranding. With spectral creatures plaguing the landscape, and the planet on the verge of a mass extinction, it’s up to Sam Bridges to journey across the ravaged wasteland and save mankind from impending annihilation."

Death Stranding is scheduled to release on November 8th for PlayStation 4. For more news, media, and information on the game, be sure to check out all of our previous coverage of it right here.

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