Destiny 2 Faction Rallies Postponed

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Faction Rallies are a way for Destiny 2 players to pledge their loyalty and fight for that sweet, sweet loot. It's a fun event that Guardians can show their worth in, but the next event that was originally slated for December 12th has officially been postponed - but at least it was postponed for a good reason!

Bungie has formally apologised to fans and has outlined a plan to fix the paywall block that the recent Curse of Osiris DLC added. In admitting they've "made mistakes," the team is hard at work to roll out the hotfix to take that $20 paywall down. With some of the events no longer accessible, it was important they addressed this issue swiftly so until that hotfix is in place, those walled off events have been postponed.

"With Curse of Osiris now live, it's clear that we've made some mistakes with how we have handled content access. We would like to talk through the reasoning behind our decisions so far and what we are committed to changing moving forward.

The Destiny endgame features a variety of activities and playlists that we want to remain relevant to players as they grow more powerful. In Destiny 1, as your character grew more powerful throughout each expansion, some of our best content, like Vault of Glass, was left behind and lost its relevance for players. We wanted a better solution for Destiny 2, where all of our Endgame activities could stay relevant as each Expansion causes your Guardian to grow more and more powerful."

  • Time limited events – Iron Banner, Faction Rally, and The Dawning, will be made available to all players.
    • We will be postponing tomorrow's Faction Rally, to ensure all of our players can access the activity and the appropriate rewards.
    • Iron Banner and Faction Rally rewards that launched with Destiny 2 will still be accessible to all players.
    • New Seasonal Rewards that launch with Curse of Osiris, such as the new Seasonal Armor Ornaments, will require ownership of Curse of Osiris to acquire.

For the full list of content changes due to this oversight, you can read their full apology, and patch notes, here. Destiny 2 is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.