Destiny 2 Leak Provides Second Raid Lair Insight

destiny 2 shadow realm

Earlier this week, we reported an extensive leak that gave us a keen look at what's in store for Destiny 2's next expansion. Now, a new leak has arisen to show us what the next Raid Lair has to offer Guardians looking for a challenge.

Just as a brief recap that leads into the second Raid Lair, here's what we've found about the upcoming story DLC:

According to the report, a ship crashes into the frozen wasteland and will land players among brand new enemies, the Frames and Heralds, as well as a new Big Bad: the Nezarec. You can't fight a new evil without some epic backup, and that's where the notorious Gunslinger Ana Bray and Warmind Rasputin come into play. That's also where this lines up with previous lore drops found hidden away in social spaces: Ana's character has been teased a few times by Bungie making fans think that she will make a grand appearance in the world of Destiny 2. This leak could prove those speculations correct, and if so - there will the opportunity for a very dark substory.

Since this is secondhand datamined info, it's important to take the below information with a grain of salt until Bungie themselves confirms. We have reached out to the publisher, and will update this with any new info provided. According to the second part of this leak, the next Raid Lair will be titled 'Prison of Nightmares' and will be located in Calus' Shadow Realm. For those that have participated in the Leviathan, you'll remember this as the pain in the ass part where Calus keeps transporting your team like the jerk he is (salt is a way of life around here).


The leak itself states that Psion and Fallen enemies will be swarming this area where players will ultimately be faced with Freeborn Otzot, the head of Psion Flayers. Any other details regarding the alleged second Lair are unknown at this time, though this is more information than we had before. If this leak ends up being true, that would definitely tie up a few loose ends regarding player curiousity about the Shadown Realm.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with the winter event 'The Dawning' now active.