Destiny 2 Official Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Bungie has just revealed the very first Destiny 2 gameplay trailer, and I don't think anyone was quite prepared. If the footage we just saw is anything to go by, this fall is going to see one of the most epic sequels in gaming history. Watch it again for yourself right here:

Destiny 2 - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer by WWG

In the trailer we get a brand new look at all three classes: the Titan, the Warlock, and the Hunter. We get to see a handful of brand new weapons, as well as three entirely new supers. The Warlock can wield the devastating Dawnblade, a powerful sword capable of shooting out deadly explosive projectiles. The Titan can now become the Sentinel, summoning a powerful shield which can bash through enemies or be thrown Captain America Style. Hunters now have the power of the Arcstrider, a mystical rod which apparently turns you into a Kung Fu master. We love them all.

Throughout the stream we also got a great look at a few of the new worlds we'll explore in Destiny 2, as well as some gameplay from a new strike, and some brief glimpses of the new PvP content coming in the newly revised crucible. The Crucible, by the way, has been revised to be smaller, more intense 4-on-4 matches across all game modes.

This official gameplay trailer is just the first of many that we'll hopefully see very soon from Bungie. We saw a ton of footage during the gameplay reveal stream, so expect a few more updates in the very near future showing off those new supers and new weapons in greater detail. There were also plenty of YouTubers at the reveal event, so torrents of gameplay footage are about to flood social media. We'll be all over it, so stay tuned.