Yes, Detective Pikachu is Fuzzy and We Love It

Pokemon fans are getting a reminder that Pikachu is a mammal, complete with a fully body of yellow [...]

Pokemon fans are getting a reminder that Pikachu is a mammal, complete with a fully body of yellow fur.

Pikachu is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, having appeared in countless video games, anime episodes, and even a commercial with the Japanese prime minister. However, today's Detective Pikachu trailer reminded a whole lot of fans that Pikachu is covered in fur.

The new live-action Pokemon movie depicts Pikachu with a noticeable coat of yellow fur, giving him the appearance of a stuffed animal. While Pikachu still looks like Pikachu, it took fans a little bit of time to adjust to seeing Pikachu's red cheeks as fur markings.

Pikachu is the "Mouse Pokemon" and mice, of course, have pelts just like any other mammal. And while some mammals (like dolphin, whales, or sphinx cats) don't have fur for long, Pikachu was always meant to have fur, even if it's not always clear in the game or anime.

Because Pikachu is usually depicted in a cartoon-y form, we usually don't see the Electric-type Pokemon with any sort of hair or fur. However, the anime has shown multiple Pikachu with different hairstyles (including Ritchie's Sparky, who had a distinctive clump of fur on his head) and the upcoming Pokemon: Let's Go games will let players style Pikachu's hair different ways. Also, Pikachu's fur allows him to collect static electricity - which it uses as a defense mechanism when attacked by other Pokemon.

Perhaps the most accurate depiction of a furry Pikachu comes from the Pokken Tournament fighting game, which depicts Pikachu with a visible coat of short yellow fur. While it's not quite as long as the fur on Detective Pikachu, it is a very visible reminder that Pikachu is definitely a furry creature.

Personally, we love Detective Pikachu's look - it makes Pikachu look very cute and makes us just want to give the little guy a hug or pet his back. Let us know what you think of Pikachu's look in the comment section!