Exclusive Preview: Things Heat Up With the Qunari In 'Dragon Age: Deception' #3

With an RPG adventure that first began its journey back in 2009 with BioWare's Dragon Age Origins, the widely beloved franchise has evolved over the past decade with new games, comics, and companion novels - and the adventure is far from over. Fans of the BioWare staple were able to get a little taste of Thedas once more when the latest comic from Dark Horse, Dragon Age: Deception, made its debut earlier this year and now we've got your exclusive first look at the journey that lies ahead.

At the helm of the latest series is writer Nunzio DeFilippis and Cristina Weir, with Fernando Heinz Furukawa on the art front and colorist Michael Atiyeh. With stunning cover art by the returning Sachin Teng, we find ourselves once again back in the land of blood magic and intrigue as the Inquisition continues a risky mission with even riskier companions. Even better, Dragon Age: Inquisition's Dorian Pavus once again returnsfor in the latest issue to lend his services against the coming threat.

Our beloved northern mage was first introduced in Dragon Age: Inquisition from the land of blood magic and slaves; Tevinter. On a quest to help the Inquisitor better the world and slay demons in an effort to protect Thedas, Dorian learned a lot about himself both in terms of his place in Tevinter society and as a main apart from his father's legacy. Now we get to see him once more as self-assured as ever in the thick of battle once more when the Inquisition finds itself stuck between a rock and a con artist.

This isn't the first we've seen of the mage in this new series, but with each issue - our fandom hearts grow. Interested in a sneak peek at what's to come featuring our favorite Tevinter mage? We've got your first look below:

DADEC #3 PG 01
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DADEC #3 PG 02
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DADEC #3 PG 03
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DADEC #3 PG 04
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DADEC #3 PG 05
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DADEC #3 PG 06
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For more about the third issue, here's how Dark Horse describes it: "Time is running out for the Inquisiton to complete a critical mission inside the Tevinter Imperium. For the dueling con artists recruited to carry it out, the stage is set for the role of a lifetime--but war is waiting in the wings!"

Need a little catching up with the first entry into the latest comic series? Instead of playing the part of a mage killer or knight errant as with the previous comics, this time fans of the long-standing franchise will learn the story of the stunningly deceptive con artist, Olivia Pryde. After a failed career as an actress, Pryde ventures into a life of crime throughout the streets of Ventus. When she targets Calix Qintara, a well-known Tevinter household regarded for their wealth, things quickly go south after she realises that Calix is nothing like she thought.

Issue three goes on sale December 12, 2018 for $3.99 and will bring 32 new pages of glorious adventure. Pre-orders will be available through major online retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and others. It will also be available through Dark Horse's official website and local comic shops!


Excited for the latest adventure to rock Tevinter? Sound off with your magic-infused thoughts in the comment section below and tell us how you think this will play into the next installment in BioWare's iconic RPG franchise!