'Dragon Ball FighterZ' Pros Break Down Cooler's Gameplay

Two new Dragon Ball FighterZ videos were shared by Bandai Namco that feature Cooler’s gameplay [...]

Two new Dragon Ball FighterZ videos were shared by Bandai Namco that feature Cooler's gameplay and a breakdown from two fighting game pros.

Sharing the gameplay trailer first, Bandai Namco's video above showed Cooler's intro where he powers up at the start of the fight and reaches his fourth form that features his four horns and a mask that covers his mouth. With a fitting team of his brother, Frieza, and Captain Ginyu, the trailer has Cooler fighting against Goku and others. Characters are switched out during the gameplay trailer that's just over five minutes long, so it's not full Cooler gameplay throughout. However, another video that Bandai Namco shared showed more direct gameplay with commentary to supplement the preview.

Chris "HellPockets" Fields and Maximilian "Maximilian Dood" Christiansen were the two pros that Bandai Namco featured in the breakdown of Cooler's moves, both players well known in the fighting game community. The two showed a Cooler vs. Cooler fight with explanations for the character's moves and reasoning for how he stacks up against other fighters.

"In terms of playability, Cooler's pretty interesting," Christiansen said. "He does get good damage, he has some great distance on his normals."

He added that Cooler's mediums, specifically including his jumping medium, were impressive with a moveset that he likened to Android 21's. Fields mentioned that the fighter can easily confirm many of his abilities and combos, thanks to this move and referred to him as the "extra Frieza." Moves like his rising knee kick, which functions similarly to an uppercut, can also be used to set up air combos while stopping opponent's Supers and other moves before they can connect.

As for his own Supers, Cooler's Level 3 Super is unique in that it's a counter in its basic version that requires him to be attacked to use it. With a subtle burst of energy around him to show when he's using it, a successful Level 3 Super has Cooler use Instant Transmission to get behind his opponents before knocking them down and following that up with a Supernova, the more powerful version of the Death Ball attack used by those in the Frieza Clan. When used in the air though, it is activated through a grab that allows players to finish their opponents with style.

Cooler will be released for all versions of Dragon Ball FighterZ at the end of September.