Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets Nearly Four Minutes Of Fresh New Footage

One of the biggest surprises to be revealed during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is no doubt Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball FighterZ, which is being produced by the 2D fighting dynamos at Arc System Works. A few days ago, we posted a lengthy gameplay clip that featured the brawlathon in action, leaving us wowed and wanting more. Well, today, we got it.

IGN has just premiered a new gameplay clip from the upcoming FighterZ, and it looks just as insane as the last one we put up. Featured above, the clip features a number of combatants in action, including familiar villains like Cell and Frieza, as well as Goku in full Super Saiyan mode.

The clip really does a great job representing what to expect from the 2D fighting action in the game, as well as intertwining anime-style clips that showcase some of the more intricate actions, replicating those from the animated series of the same name. So, yes, it’s literally the best of both worlds, a fighting game that will excite that community, while also paying loving homage to the avid fan community of DBZ.

It’s crazy how well the 3-on-3 fighting tactics work, introducing dozens of Dragon Ball Z characters in the fold – heroes and villains alike – as players master their combos, special moves and throw attacks. The attendees who have seen the game in action at the show have been loving it, even proclaiming as far as it’s a better offering than Capcom’s own Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. The devotion is definitely there – but we can’t make that kind of verdict until the game is actually out.


We will say this, though – being able to change the scope of the stage with a nuclear-style attack is downright wicket, and really sets up a number of possibilities in terms of changing how and where you’re fighting. It leaves us wondering…hey, Bandai Namco, think we can get a playable demo of this? We’d totally be on board.

We’ll have to wait a little longer for FighterZ to come our way, but there’s no question it’ll be great when it arrives next year for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Enjoy the footage!